Michael Petitti

Michael comes to TOUR Performance Golf Academy with an extensive playing background and focus on leading the Junior Golf Development Programs.

Michael started playing golf at the age of ten where he participated in junior events and tournaments both in Canada and the United States. At the age of fourteen, golf had become his passion and he began to pursue it on a more serious level. He started training more competitively with the goal of playing college golf in the US and compete in higher-level amateur events.

After graduating high school, Michael was scouted by several colleges and universities in the US and ultimately attended Campbellsville University in Kentucky as a student athlete for two years. Upon returning home from the US, Michael transferred to Humber College where he received his degree in Marketing. Having recently played on the college circuit, Michael has a clear perspective on what it takes to be successful at that level and can offer unique and helpful advice on making the transition from casual to competitive golf.

Michael places great emphasis on the mental aspect of the game and strongly believes that some of the key factors to being a successful golfer is having a positive outlook along with a high level of focus and discipline. His experience and dedication to the game has allowed Michael to be a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. On the rare occasion he’s not at the golf course, Michael likes to travel to a warmer climate, play hockey, and hang out with his dog Tiger Woods (yes, that is his real name).